Selling Tips


To ensure we present your home in the best possible light, here are some general tips to help get that premium finish!

In general, de-cluttering allows clean photographs showing more open space. Think that display home look.

Turn on every single light and lamp, whether it’s inside or out. Make sure all blinds are up and all curtains are open.


  • Please remove calendars
  • Clear bench spaces from dishes, clothes and any other items that can be.
  • Hide electrical cables as best as possible
  • Toilet seats down.
  • Remove all floor mats/ bathroom mats, etc.
  • Hide all bottles of shampoo, soap and other personal items in bathroomsOpen blinds and curtains.
  • Ensure beds are made and clothes are put away
  • Clear fridge of notes and magnets and all other items.
  • Turn all available lights and lamps on


  • Hide rubbish bins.
  • Windows cleaned (inside and out).
  • Hide garden hoses and tools
  • Remove pool cover and pool cleaner
  • Make sure clothes are off the clothes line
  • Any sweeping, gardening and weeding should be done prior to the shoot.
  • All vehicles must be out of site. Often best place is just up the street so they aren’t seen through windows when photographing inside either.

Preparing your home as if you would on opening days, ensures that the shoot runs smoothly and your photos look their best. Anything you think may be unsightly or you don’t want seen in the photographs should be removed.

If you need space to store things, a suggestion is to fill a small spare room with what you have cleared. This way one room can be skipped while the feature rooms of the house are looking their best!

If you have any queries or need any help in regards to tradesmen, were always happy to help.

First impressions are everything! We cannot express how important this is for you to secure a premium price.